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Why would I need a zoom call?
* Maybe you would like to have a look around the eSchool before you sign up for a course
* Maybe you are already doing a course, but are having difficulty finding your way around
* Maybe you are already doing a course and are struggling, and in need of a little extra help

Whatever your reason, please feel free to request a 10 minute zoom call. Grab your coffee and lets connect. I can share my screen with you over zoom and give you a quick tour or point you in the right direction.

Fill out the form below, letting me know what days and times are good for you and a short note about why you want the zoom session. 

Gaye xx

Request a 10 Minute Zoom Call

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please let me know if:
1) Are you already studying on a course?
2) do you want a tour of the e-school or do you need help with a course?
3) What days and times are good for you?
Thank you!
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